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The Real Shiva Goddess
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In this and the other pages i will have poetry, some of it my own...those poems that are signed using the name Mary Ann, are written and copywrited by me...feel free to use them for personal purposes only...and if you have one you would like to see here, simply click on the link at the bottom of this page and send the poem and your name...would love to give the proper credit where it is due.

NO one knows the pain i feel when you ignore me
when you turn away and say no
no one knows how much i want to pull you into my arms,
and keep you safe,
listen to the steady beat of your heart late at night
while you slip into another world
deep in your slumber
.... to wake up next to you
to let you know i never want to hurt you... and you the same for me


When she says forever, she doesn't mean just for a while
There's a deep longing inside her for the permanence of your smile

When she says I love you, it's not just a passing thought
She's pondered over each little word and hopes it not for naught

When she says come closer, it's not just loneliness
She wants the tingle of your skin, the comfort of your kiss

When she says don't leave me, she's not simply asking you to stay
She wants you to mold yourselves together in every possible way

When she says I need you, it's not that she's going to die
It's just that life seems so much sweeter when you are at her side

When she says you're beautiful, it's not just a compliment
She's praising your body and also your spirit and sees you as heaven-sent

When she says forever, she means it to her core
Just give her you, surely and true; she'll never ask for more



Does he know,
That when I see him,
I can't think straight?
And does he know,
That when I speak to him,
My knees quake?
Does he know,
That when he hugs me,
Tears come to my eyes?
And when I see him with her,
I want to break down and cry.
Does he know,
That'd give anything,
To have another chance?
Does he know,
How much it hurts me,
When I just get one glance?
I suppose my chance is gone,
I threw it all away.
But oh!
Does he know,
All I wanted was for him to stay.
Does he know,
How hard it is,
For me to sleep at night?
And does he know,
I wish it was me,
That he's holding tight?
Oh, my Lord,
Does he know,
That I love him so


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