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The Real Shiva Goddess
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Here you will find links both to sites and to forums...I will divide them up to make it easier to figure out which is which.... If you have a site you would like linked to, please feel free to let me know.  Please keep all site requests PG13 rated.


if you have a pic that you want to use but don't want to host it from your computer or the site doesn't give you that option, this is the perfect place to host your images

want pictures of games but can't find them? chances are this site does

title says it all...murphy's laws on most any topic

is a page of mine...a short blog, along with a few pic slide shows



a forum for all my buds from Tron 2.0..come and join us..we have lots of fun

gaming forum

gaming forum with Tron 2.0, Half Life, Unreal, Doom 3, along with a few others

final fantasy fans unite...this is a great forum for all us FF geeks